PCD Pharma Franchise in Kolkata

One of the growing segments of the Indian pharmaceutical sector is women health. As individuals now have access to better education facilities, they are becoming more aware than before. There is a growing demand for gynae products, infertility, and sexual wellness medications. All our products have effective compositions and are manufactured according to government rules and regulations. All our products are well-certified according to WHO standards. If you are looking for a PCD Pharma franchise in Kolkata, then we are the best option for you. We have a wide network of franchise holders, who are working with us and driving good results.

Leading PCD Pharma Franchise In Kolkata

When you are investing in the gynae sector, you are doing the right thing. Women health in rural as well as urban sectors is deteriorating because of the changes in lifestyle and demography. Some of the common healthcare problems that women face are uterine fibroids, endometriosis, genital tract infections, ovarian cysts, PCOS, vulva and vaginal skin disorders and more. When you invest in a PCD Pharma franchise in Kolkata, you will definitely make a lot of money. This will surely be a smart move, as this segment of the pharmaceutical sector is booming these days.

Product Quality For The PCD Pharma Franchise In Kolkata

Gynopolis has set up special units that pay close attention to the quality of its products. Our products have good demand in the market. We have highly committed individuals on our team who have in-depth knowledge about the product and its production and are working hard. We monitor the performance of our team so that we can perform better. With our PCD pharma franchise in Kolkata, we aim to deliver better gynae products to all the women. All our products are safe to use and do not have any side effects. Our consistent efforts have made us a prominent name in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Best PCD Pharma Franchise In Kolkata

All our products at Gynopolis are well-certified, and storage takes place in our warehouses. We provide the best services and products for our patients. Our team of pharma specialists is passionate about their jobs and comes up with innovative products through thorough research. All our medicines are manufactured in such a manner that they meet international standards. We believe in transparency and make sure that business is conducted according to ethical guidelines. We make sure that the products are delivered on time and in the right condition.

Product Range For PCD Pharma Franchise In Kolkata

At Gynopolis, we have a wide range of products available at the best prices. All our products are made under appropriate conditions with the best raw materials. Our research and development team studies the market and then comes up with effective formulations. We make sure that the products are packed in the right manner so that there is no damage or spillage. Some of our best-selling products for the PCD pharma franchise in Kolkata are:

                              PRODUCTS                    COMPOSITION
ESTRAPOLISEstradiol Valerate 2 mg
TEXAPOLIS-ETTranexamic acid 250mg and Etamsylate 250 mg
PRIMOTWIST 500Primrose 500 mg
TEXAPOLIS-MFTranexamic acid 500mg and Mefenamic acid 250mg
PREGHOLD-200 SRNatural Micronized Progesterone 200 mg
FOLICOSAFolic acid 5 mg and DHA 200mg
CALDUBCoral Calcium 750 mg Eq. to Calcium 225 mg and Vitamin D3 500 IU

Why To Choose Us For The PCD Pharma Franchise In Kolkata?

When it comes to choosing a pharmaceutical company for a PCD pharma franchise in Kolkata, there are many options available. You need to choose the one that you think is best for you. If you are a pharmaceutical aspirant and are looking to invest in this field, then PCD is the right choice. The investment is low, while the returns on investment are high. Some of the reasons for choosing it are:

Clean And Sanitized Units

All our manufacturing and storage units are cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. We want to deliver the best to our patients, and that is why we store our products in the right places. To ensure that the products are safe, the place is kept moisture-free. All our units undergo regular inspection.

Affordable Pricing

Healthcare facilities are available to all of us. Thus, it is important for companies to make sure that they can be accessed by all. Paying attention to the pricing of the products is essential. At Gynopolis, we make sure that all the products are priced at the lowest possible price so that everyone can afford them.

Quality Raw Materials

When it comes to quality, we never compromise on our products. All our products are made with the best quality materials and under the right conditions. All our raw materials are sourced from good places. We follow all the government-set rules and regulations when it comes to choosing materials.


Ques-1. Which pharmaceutical company for gynaecological products has in-house manufacturing units?

Answer- Gynopolis has its own manufacturing and storage units.

Ques-2. Which is the best company for a PCD pharma franchise in Kolkata?

Answer- Gynopolis is the best company for PCD pharma franchise in Kolkata.

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